Special Delivery!

Eek! We recently heard a shriek from Amber, one of our writers whose responsibilities include answering kids’ emails and letters. She opened a package addressed to Tim and Moby, which was marked “fragile.” To her surprise, this is what she found:

At first, we were very, very surprised.  We thought it was a dead tarantula, but after doing some research, we learned that tarantulas, like all arthropods, molt, or shed their exoskeletons as they grow.  Adult tarantulas molt once every 1-2 years. It turns out Laura didn’t send us a dead tarantula, but her tarantula’s old exoskeleton!

It’s great to know that Laura is passionate about science and spiders (and BrainPOP). I’m sure the exoskeleton was a prized possession, and it’s pretty cool that she thought Tim and Moby would appreciate it.

We love getting mail from kids, but this one sure threw us for a loop. Teachers and parents: We do not condone students sending us any sort of creature, alive or dead. Please, no matter how excited your kids get about a topic, do not allow students to mail us anything except for their spectacular artwork and writing, which we absolutely LOVE to receive!

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  • http://BrainPOP! Theresa

    That was a GREAT gift to receive!! Yes, please make a movie about tarantulas, as my students would love it also! Ha! :-)