Full Screen Ahead!

We just added a full screen option to our quizzes to help those using projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Some of my favorite ways to use the Quiz:

*Give a BrainPOP Quiz before a movie to gauge students’ familiarity with a topic. Or, take the quiz with the whole class afterward to verify what everyone learned. Choose one of three quiz options: graded online, reviewable online or printable.

*Teach students the American Sign Language letters for A, B, C and D, then have them raise their hands with the sign for the answer they choose during quizzes. One student can tally the votes and click on the most popular choice.

*Keep your students engaged and enthusiastic! Ask them BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. quiz questions the way you’d hear them on your favorite game show.

*Assign each corner of the room a letter and get your kinesthetic learners up and moving.

*Make test prep fun! On an interactive whiteboard, use the Screenshade/Windowshade tool to cover the question and have students analyze the answers to figure out what the question must be. Then try the opposite – cover the answers and have students practice writing answers based on the question. They know there will always be 1 right answer, 1 very wrong answer, and a close call/tricky answer.

Try it and let us know your favorite ways to use the BrainPOP Quizzes by posting below.

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