Sneak Peek

I had someone ask a great question in a recent BrainPOP webinar I did: Can you give us a sneak peek of upcoming movies? Sure! Here’s what you can keep an eye out for in the near future:

BrainPOP: Later this summer, we’ll have new movies on Plagiarism, Stress, Ramadan, and the Nitrogen Cycle. And as we get closer to back-to-school time, we’ll roll out a fresh spotlight on Digital Citizenship, which will include our new movies on Social Networking, Cyberbullying, Information Privacy, and more.

BrainPOP Jr.: Keep an eye out for Rosa Parks, Arctic Habitats, Making Ten, Caring for Teeth, and Making Predictions (for Reading Comprehension), all coming this month!

Let us know if you liked the sneak peek by commenting below, and I’ll make it a regular feature!