BrainPOP Inspires Students


Talk about an end of the year project! Research, writing, collaboration- making movies utilizes so many important 21st Century skills! Robert Miller’s 4th & 5th grade class in Port Orange, Florida made their own BrainPOP-inspired movies, creating a fantastic learning opportunity for every student involved. We were wowwed once again by the movie magic these students created, using BrainPOP as inspiration. We know you will love these as much as we do!

You can find info and resources on how Robert created these movies with his students in the comments of the NECC post.

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  • Eileen

    I would like to know where/how this teacher got the Moby costume. Any ideas?

  • allisyn

    Hi Eileen! They made this costume! Pretty impressive, huh? I’m not sure if parents helped out, but I always found I had at least one parent who was willing to donate his/her sewing skills to class projects. Worth putting the word out!