Funding BrainPOP

We’re pleased to announce a new resource for you: Funding BrainPOP. Here, you’ll find great examples of how BrainPOP aligns with a variety of local, state and federal funding and grant objectives to support district and school initiatives. We’ve broken down a range of topics to help identify how our resources can best support your own instructional focus when writing a grant or applying for funds.

Topics include: Multimedia Learning Research, Reading, Math, Science, Assessment, State Standards, Technology Literacy, 21st-Century Learning, Multimedia Learning, Student Achievement, Health Literacy, Professional Development, Special Education, Family Connections, English Language Learners, Pre-Service Education, Self-Paced Learning, and After-School.

Explore these funding topics. We welcome your feedback. Is there an important topic you feel we missed? Does something require clarification? Please get in touch so that we can best support you!