BrainPOP for Homework!

How can you extend learning with BrainPOP outside of class? There are lots of ways!

*Use the printed version of the Quiz to have students see what they already know before watching a movie, or give as a post-test after watching together in class. Students can trade papers and grade one another’s quiz, or correct their own while going over the quiz online.  Revisit the movie together in class to go back and clear up any questions.

*Break up the Activity Pages to use before, during, and after the movie. Try reviewing the vocabulary before watching the movie. Give photocopies to students the night before and invite them to pencil in definitions they’re already familiar with. Then, watch the movie with closed captioning to support note-taking using parts of the Activity Pages in class. Students then have an opportunity to revise their homework. They can also complete the higher order thinking questions for homework to reinforce what they learned in class.

*Use the FYI as a short reading assignment to build background knowledge before watching a video. Send home photocopies with students and ask them to highlight the three most interesting facts, and then create their own comic to put those facts into their own words. You can also white out the Cassie and Rita speech bubbles and have students retell the comic for homework. Add on a few more panels for extra credit!

*BrainPOP Jr.’s Lesson Ideas offer fun, hands on extension activities for teachers and families. Print these out and offer as a menu. Students can choose one to complete with their families or in small groups, and write about their experiences to share with the class.

*Create your own quiz! Using BrainPOP quizzes to model, invite students to write their own questions and answers on a topic you’re studying for homework. Take turns having students share their quizzes with the entire class, or trade quizzes with a friend.

*What would Moby say? Translate Moby’s beeps! Students can write their own scripts (or parts of scripts) translating Moby’s beeps. Or, print out a still image from a movie with closed captioning, and students can translate individual scenes.

*What’s the meaning of Tim’s shirt?  Visit our Graphic Organizers page for this and other great activities that students can complete outside of school to extend their learning.

How else do you use BrainPOP for homework? Please post below!