Dear Tim and Moby: What is Swine Flu?

BrainPOP receives hundreds of emails from kids every week, and you can probably guess what many kids are asking about this week. That’s right: swine flu.

Here are just a few of the questions the BrainPOP cast of characters received this week:

“I hear my parents talking about something like “Pig Flu”  I don’t understand. What is it?”

“What is the swine flu? It is in the news and it seems pretty scary.”

“My school is talking about a pig virus. What is it?”

Even BrainPOP Jr. has received questions from young students about this issue:

“What disease are we giving to the pigs?”

Kids pick up on and internalize current events more than we may think, and one thing is obvious: Kids are frightened and confused and looking to BrainPOP to help explain. And we’re hard at work doing just that.
BrainPOP Educators will keep you in the loop and update you when BrainPOP’s Swine Flu movie is released. It will be a free educational resource that clarifies what swine flu is, and it will address some of the misconceptions kids may have. We hope parents and teachers will use the movie to acknowledge kids’ questions and discuss any anxiety they may have.