Can’t Hurt to Review Hand Washing!

News on the swine flu outbreak is being updated around the clock, but hand washing remains a consistent recommendation as one of the first lines of defense by health care experts.

So, how are your students’ hand washing skills? What? You didn’t realize that hand washing involves SKILL?  Oh yes, indeed!  Flicking your hands under the tap doesn’t cut it.

For the K-3 set, BrainPOP Jr.’s  Washing Hands topic should set the stage for some good class discussions.

For older students, have them brainstorm hand washing strategies and share their ideas together. Or have them interview the school nurse on proper techniques. Another idea would be to have your students create awareness posters, on or off-line, to demonstrate how hand washing can help prevent the spread of germs. Such focused activities can help students to be proactive and maintain a positive outlook on a subject that may make many of them feel overwhelmed.

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