Differentiating With BrainPOP

Rarely do we have a group of students that don’t require differentiating instruction to some degree. I’ve been collecting ideas on how easy it is to differentiate using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. over the past few months. Here are some to play around with!

*Use the Hard/Easy Quiz options in BrainPOP Jr.  Students can work in small groups, partnerships, or individually to complete the quiz best suited for them before and/or after watching the movie.

*PRINT the quiz and share it with students who might be slower to respond or need some extra processing time before taking the quiz as a class, so they can prepare to participate successfully.

*Practice reading through the movie using the closed captioning to help students practice fluency and expression. Then, watch the movie without sound and let students do the talking!

*Give students who need it extra opportunities to watch the movie to help with processing all the information packed in there! You can also provide them with printed copies of all of our interactive features to reinforce class activities.

*Struggling writers can type their answers directly into the Activity Pages or dictate to a buddy, allowing them to free up their ideas instead of getting frustrated on paper.

*PAUSE! Break the movies into smaller, more manageable chunks, and revisit the same movie multiple times.

Are you using BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. for differentiating instruction? Please post below and share your experiences!

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