Dear Tim and Moby – Writing Prompt

I am well known amongst my former students for being a bit of a pausing maniac during BrainPOP movies! I pause almost each time I see a great opportunity for kids to turn and talk or do a quick stop and jot. One of my favorite places to pause is on Tim and Moby’s letter, early on in the movie. I’ll often invite students to respond to the letter, and say something like: “You’ve got 2 minutes! How would you answer this letter? Go!” I give them a limited amount of time because I don’t want to veer too far off from the movie, but sometimes the kids are writing so furiously and activating such important prior knowledge which helps scaffold their learning, that I’ll give them more time. I often revisit the letter after the movie, giving students a chance to add on more information, revise, and even complete a final draft for homework. Great way to get a little letter writing practice in there, and for students to share what they know.

I just added a blank version of Tim’s letter. You can find it on our Graphic Organizers page!

Please share what kind of writing prompts you use in conjunction with BrainPOP!

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