BrainPOP Buddies!

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. offer lots of possibilities for partner work. Teachers in Palm Beach County helped me brainstorm some great ideas during a recent visit.

*Have 2 students working side by side at a computer. One student is the Pause Person, the other is the Note Taker. Students can work together to complete the Activity Pages and Quiz. They can read the FYI after they finish their assignment!

*Use BrainPOP for Reading Buddies! Classes can watch a movie together, then break off into partnerships to complete the Activity Pages, read the FYI together, or take the Quiz. Older buddies and fluent readers can help younger or struggling students.

*Print the Belly Up comic from BrainPOP Jr. or the Cassie and Rita comic from BrainPOP. Use as a shared reading with the whole class, and have partners practice reading together for fluency and expression. Students can also role play and act out each scene.

*Partners can write a jingle or song based on what they learned from BrainPOP!

*Students can work in partnerships to create their own comics inspired by BrainPOP.

Are you doing partner work with BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr? Please tell us about it by posting comments below!

  • Colleen Griffin

    I have made up guided notes which go along with almost every brainpop I use. These guided notes would be a useful tool posted on your activity pages. If you would like to use them I woud be willing to share.