More Than Just Movies!

I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling and brainstorming with many talented teachers lately, and I found that many educators don’t realize how much more you can do with BrainPOP beyond the movies and quizzes. As one teacher advised, be sure to scroll down below the movie on a topic page and explore our other interactive activities. Here are a few ideas – let’s keep ‘em going! Add your ideas by posting comments below! Oh – the great bulletin board was submitted by University of Central Florida Intern, Kerry Sawicki, and classroom teacher, Nicole Sallese. Thanks for sharing!

Planning out before, during, and after movie activities:
Before Movie
i.    Quiz as pre-test – see what students already know by taking the review quiz as a class or the printed quiz independently
ii.    Activity pages – print out and photocopy for each student. Review vocabulary! Model by typing right into the page!
iii.    FYI – high interest reading, comic – use as shared reading
During Movie
i.    Pause on Tim’s letter – have students turn & talk or quick write a response (can finish for homework)
ii.    Note-taking with Activity pages — *use closed captioning! Model with interactive writing! Remember that you can type directly into all of our Activity Pages!
iii.    Pause & discuss throughout
After Movie
i.    Retake quiz (printed, independently; whole class – graded)
ii.    FYI
iii.    Experiment
iv.    Timeline
v.    Activity Pages

  • Robert

    Great idea about the pausing on Tim’s Letter… brings in that collaboration.

    Along those lines with Annie’s Notebook… Our k-3 is having great success with students having their own copy of the upcoming questions from Annie and Moby, printed from the button below Annie’s Notebook … Some teachers build it up like it is a secret to know when the red pause button is coming next.

    Classes with students at tables not only have them personally making connections but then turning and sharing thoughts with partners… much more interactive than passive viewing!

  • allisyn

    Thanks Robert! I love hearing how you’re using Annie’s Notebook for your K-3rd graders! I’ve also soon teachers use the print notebook feature for students to sketch as a form of note-taking. Keep these great ideas coming, and thank you for sharing!

  • Brian Dawson

    Hi Allisyn,
    I want to let you know that the embedded, featured BrainPOP has been an incredible success. I have posted an ongoing extra credit assignment on my class homepages that gives 2 bonus points for each featured BrainPOP quiz they take, if they score a 9 or 10 on it and send it to me through BrainPOP’s email feature. I have some of my kids that don’t miss a video. EVEN GEORGE WASHINGTON got them 2 points. The best part is that I don’t have to think of any other extra credit assignment because it changes all the time. It actually forces them to check their class page daily.
    Anyway, that is just the beginning. The activities and other features on curricular related videos have also helped them prepare for topic related tests. All outside of class – taking up NO class time. Yay!!!

  • Allisyn

    Very cool, Brian! I love hearing how teachers are taking that feature to a new level and creating interactive learning opportunities for their students with it! Great addition to our list of ideas for BrainPOP features to use after — and especially outside of school, watching the movie! Thanks.

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