More Lincoln Celebration Ideas!

This just in from Shelley DeLosh, the school library media specialist at McConnellsville Elementary, in Blossvale, NY. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, Shelley!

McConnellsville Elementary is commemorating the bicentennial birthday of Abraham Lincoln with an evening birthday party on Wednesday, February 11th from 6:30-7:30pm.  This is a collaborative event planned by Shelley DeLosh, the school library media specialist, and her sister Carrie Pulizzi, the reading specialist and Title I Coordinator. We will be reading the story Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers, by Karen B. Winnick, then watching the BrainPOP Jr. video on Abraham Lincoln.  Afterwards, we will be singing Happy Birthday and enjoying birthday cake and punch. The remainder of the evening, families can choose to come to our computer lab to play the accompanying BrainPOP Jr. activities (such as the quizzes and matching game) or make a Lincoln-style stovetop hat.

To publicize our event, we sent home a birthday party invitation last week. Each day, we have reminded students of the party during morning announcements. Various teachers have included the party information in their weekly newsletters home to parents, and our principal featured the party in his school-wide newsletter.  In addition, there is a large bulletin board outside the media center.

What is your school doing to celebrate? Please post comments below!

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