BrainPOP Educators Unite!

That’s right! The time has come to create an online community uniting BrainPOP educators, to share ideas, lesson plans, tips, and more. Just in time for back to school, the BrainPOP Educators site serves up all kinds of new resources to help you maximize BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. in your classroom. It is FREE to become a BrainPOP Educator, so register now!

  • Rana Adamchick

    I’ve been using brainpop for the last year or so, with my son. It makes a great source to backup his normal home school. He has several deficits, but clearly, he understands brainpop. Of course, he will actually sit through the movies, thanks to the wonderful animations and cute jokes with Moby. Even the quizzes are fun for him.

    If you incorportate the program to backup what you’re already teaching, it really fills in the gaps. Kids who have deficits generally have a difficult time understanding, so if you add in brainpop, they’re using several different aspects of sensory perception. Thus, they can easily digest the information.

    Just add it to your regular, daily curriculum, after teaching the basic concept. It reinforces what you’re already teaching, and can even serve as a wonderful way to keep records of the work, if you save the quiz work to your computer. Just do a graded test, and save the files as a jpg or have them emailed to your computer (sometimes emailing works, sometimes it doesn’t).

  • Patricia McVey

    My students love BrainPoP. What a terrific way to engage and learn.

  • Cindy Golden

    I wanted to let you know how much I love your site! My website is specifically for teachers and parents who have students or children with autism or asperger syndrome. I can see how all of the tools you offer can enhance these student’s ability to learn.

    I posted on my website on the Freebies page of hoping that my teachers and parents will take advantage of everything Brain Pop has to offer! Great job.

  • Matt Tosiello

    I love Brainpop, Jr, and Espanol! I was thrilled when I saw my first movie and have been hooked ever since! I am lucky enough to have a SmartBoard in my room now. I love using the website with it. In the future I’d love to see (or hear) of neat ways to integrate the two! Keep up the great work and keep making as many movies as possible – we all love Tim, Annie and of course Moby!